Rosehip & Grapefruit Soap100% Natural Bar Soap

A refreshing, moisturizing natural soap made with 50% olive oil and pure essential oils. We incorporate rosehip powder to gently exfoliate dry skin away.


When our soapmakers discovered the excellent properties of rosehip powder, we were instantly hooked on it. Natural rosehip powder is high in Vitamin C, which has been proven to provide antioxidant and anti-aging properties when used in skincare products. Rosehip & Grapefruit bar soap is expertly crafted with these factors in mind – it is a 100% natural soap that gently exfoliates, leaving the skin’s surface soft and refreshed. The gentle lather will easily cleanse while removing any dull skin cells on the surface. Grapefruit essential oil has a light, refreshing citrusy scent and has excellent anti-oxidant properties that will assist with balancing skin tone.


As with all of Wild Prairie Soap Company bar soaps, Rosehip & Grapefruit is made with 50% Olive Oil Sodium olivate, sodium cocoate, sodium palmate, grapefruit essential oil, rosehip powder.

Skin Type

All Skin Types, Dry Skin, Exfoliant
Rosehip & Grapefruit Soap (100% Natural Solid Soap)

Very hydrating!

I didn't expect the soap to be so moisturizing. But it's very soap against the skin and feels like it's hydrating instead of striping all the oils from my skin. Great for dry skin

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Rosehip & Grapefruit Soap

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