Poo Pourri Royal FlushRoyal Flush

Poo Pourri is an innovative, patent-pending bathroom spray designed to make sharing bathroom time a breeze! Simply spray the toilet bowl water before you go and there is virtually no smell in the bathroom. Poo Pourri creates an odour-trapping layer on the surface of the toilet water effectively eliminating offensive odours, and keeps your bathroom user-friendly. Transform your bathroom experience forever!


Poo Pourri Royal Flush contains a unique essential oil blend of Spearmint and Eucalyptus. Each 2 oz bottle is good for up to 100 uses. Perfect for the family shared bathrooms, public restrooms, offices, hotel rooms and dorm rooms.


Poo Pourri contains blends of 100% natural essential oils, and is safe for all septic systems.
Royal Flush

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Poo Pourri Royal Flush

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