Knotty Body Soaking Salts500 g

Get your knots worked out the natural way with Knotty Body Soaking Salts. Formulated specifically to help provide relief from soreness, fatigue and general achiness, Knotty Body Soaking Salts are the perfect bathing companion when you're feeling less-than-your-best. Soaking in a mineral bath helps to restore the body's magnesium levels, assists with dry skin and helps detoxify.


Your bath could be so much more than a time to cleanse. Reconnect with the ritual of bathing - a centuries old tradition of indulgence and spirituality. A bath is time just for you; a tranquil moment of reflection at the end of a hectic day, perfect for renewing the body and unwinding the mind. So fill your tub, undress your day and get back to the ritual.


Made with a blend of pure essential oils of Camphor, Juniper, Thyme and Lavender, in a base of magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) and pure sea salt.
Knotty Body Soaking Salts

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Knotty Body Soaking Salts

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