If you're already a connoisseur of natural soap, then you understand the difference between commercially manufactured soap and the kind of soap we create at Wild Prairie Soap Company. If you've not make the switch yet, here are some compelling reasons to help you make that change.

Fresh from the Soaperie

  • Natural soap is the only true cleanser that actually helps preserve the skin's natural moisture barrier, thereby preventing dryness and other issues often caused by the fillers, detergents and animal by-products found in mass-produced soap.
  • Wild Prairie's soap is 100% vegetable based and contains olive oil for extra skin nourishment. Eczema and dermatitis sufferers repeatedly find that switching to our natural soap has completely altered their skin's condition for the better and in most cases, has reversed their skin issues.
  • Natural bar soap NEVER leaves a scum behind - on you oryour tub!
  • We use natural ingredients so all of our products are biodegradable which means you can feel good about minimizing the amount of chemicals that are put into our water system. On a personal level you can feel good about reducing the chemicals coming in contact with your skin.
  • Our soap making process is environmentally safe. All of the soap ends are either used or donated; visit our store and ask for your free sample!
  • All of our product packaging is recyclable. Bring in your empty containers for recycling and receive 10% off the same product!