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Stone Soap Plate - Pearl

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No other soap dish will keep your natural soap drained better than our Stone Soap Plate. Simply the most elegant and effective soap dish on the market, these unique plates come in four beautiful colours and perfectly hold a bar of Wild Prairie soap on your counter. Keep it sink-side or in the shower and say good-bye to soft, mushy soap forever!

Made with natural stone, this soap dish is the perfect companion for Wild Prairie soap. Each plate is footed with silicone pads that protect countertop surfaces and tubs. Your soap remains perfectly dry between uses and lasting twice as long.  

The Pearl Stone Soap Plate is a blend of stones in tones of grey, white and black offering a minimalist colour tone that is well suited for a neutral décor. 

To clean, simply rub with a soft-bristled brush under warm water. Do not soak the Stone Soap Plate or use cleaners.  Dimensions: 11 cm x 8.5 cm.

Made by-hand in Edmonton, Canada. 



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