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Six Easy Changes to your Winter Skincare Routine

Six Easy Changes to your Winter Skincare Routine

Canadian winter brings harsh conditions and dry weather and as hard as we try to bundle up, our skin suffers. Here are six super simple tips to heal and protect your skin in the winter months.



Use a humidifier in your home, or at least while you sleep. There is no doubt the air gets drier in the colder months, and this environmental change takes a toll on your body. Keep skin supple and healthy by adding some humidity into your home.



Apply lotion after hand washing. Especially if you’re using warmer water, the process of handwashing tends to pull moisture out of the skin, leaving behind tightness, dryness, and sometimes flaking or cracking. Promote healthy skin by adding moisture back in and protecting your skin’s natural barrier.



Use a hydrating cleanser. Depending on your skin’s unique needs, this can be as easy as trading out a foaming cleanser for a cream cleanser. 



Upgrade from your typical daily moisturizer and opt for a heavier cream. If you feel your skin needs a little extra boost now and then, reach for a rich cream like our Wild Prairie Wintervention Hand Repair Lotion, Sole Mate Foot Fix, or Organic Dandelion Balm. If you’re extra dry, grab the richer cream every day and replenish deep moisture as often as you can.



Reduce harsh exfoliants. Skin is more sensitive and prone to damage when it is in a drier state. The winter season is a time to slow down the usage of harsh exfoliants and focus on nourishing and protecting. This doesn’t mean to cut out exfoliants completely because we know it’s important to periodically remove the top layer of dead skin, just be mindful of how often and how deeply you’re working the skin, and the steps needed to repair afterwards.



Use sunscreen, even in the winter. The sun’s harmful rays will find you, even in the wintertime. Don’t risk damaging your skin just because it’s not hot, sun-tanning weather. Be sure to wear your SPF everyday to protect against premature aging, harmful free radicals.


In addition to these easy tips, keep in mind the products you're using everyday. Wild Prairie products are jam packed with nourishing ingredients to keep your skin cleansed, healthy, and protected.

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