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About Us

Wild Prairie team photo


Taking care of your skin shouldn't be complicated. I already believed this fundamental truth when I started making natural soap for my children's extremely dry and sensitive skin when they were very young - before I fully understood the chemistry behind what made some soap better for the skin than others.

But realizing very early in the 'switch' that there was indeed an overwhelming difference in the health of their skin, I persisted in experimenting with all kinds of ingredients, keeping meticulous notes and observations in journal after journal, batch after batch, in an effort to make the soap even better (I still have every single journal - they're pretty awesome to read now!).

After those initial years of trial and error, successful (and sometimes failed!) batches, I developed a deep passion for this artful craft known as cold-process soap making and started Wild Prairie Soap Company. 

Today, over 22 years later, we have become one of Canada's leading producers of nourishing products for the skin that not only provide solutions for dryness, but help you to achieve your best healthy skin. Wild Prairie Soap Company products are found in a variety of retail locations across Canada, Japan and South Korea.

We're so much more than soap, but soap remains my truest passion and most beloved product. I hope you love using them as much as we love creating them. 

All my best,


Tanya Zurock, Founder & President of Wild Prairie Soap Company, with her now-grown children.