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Enviro Soap Buttons

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Due to the shape of our soap molds and the expansive nature of the soap as it solidifies, we're left with little "buttons" of soap that pop out the top of the mold during processing. Instead of creating waste, we're pleased to be able to offer these pieces as a low waste, bulk option, very similar to our Enviro Soap Ends.

Purchase our enviro soap buttons by the kilogram (1 kg = ~ equivalent of 10 bars of soap). Soap will be of assorted scents and sizes. 

Feel free to request certain scents in the Notes section of your order, however, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate requests. Sometimes a surprise is nice!


FYI these buttons are perfect for travelling! The don't take up much space in your bag and the unique shape keeps them from getting too soggy in the shower or beside the sink.