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Enviro Soap Ends

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In support of our commitment to zero-waste soapmaking, we offer a bulk purchase option of natural soap. These are ends and pieces that we get when we cut our product into full bars. Our enviro ends come unlabelled and ready for use. 

Purchase our enviro soap ends by the kilogram (1 kg = ~ equivalent of 10 bars of soap). Soap will be of assorted scents and sizes. 

Soap ends are only available during high production runs and inventory is prone to selling out.

Feel free to request certain scents in the Notes section that appears during the checkout process, however, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate requests. Sometimes a surprise is nice!

How to Use

Ensure your soap bar lasts longer by keeping it dry between uses. We recommend placing your bar on a well-draining plate or dish.

Hint: this is exactly what our Stone Soap Plates are made for!

This product is Made in Canada This product is Cruelty Free