Accessible Soap For All!

 As a 20-year manufacturer of natural soap, we knew early on that we had a part to play in the collective fight to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic and that our soap could have life-saving properties for those who aren’t necessarily in a position to purchase it. We have also been dealing with the impact on our business, so we wanted a campaign that would both help us continue to engage in a meaningful way with you, our customer, and give back to our community. 


To me, having access to soap during a pandemic is as essential as having access to food in a famine, so if we can provide that, why wouldn't we?


With your order, in our #accessiblesoapforall campaign, we will donate natural soap bars to a social service agency on your behalf. Each agency will receive a minimum of 10 kg of soap at the time of donation (equal to 100 bars of soap). 

Thank you for your support and for helping us share the accessibility and effectiveness of high quality, natural soap for all. As of April 14, 2020, we have donated over 2400 bars of soap to deserving agencies such as Boyle Street Community Services, and WIN House, both in Edmonton, and Wood’s Homes in Calgary.

Please share your experiences with our products on your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) if you desire. Tag @wildprairiesoap and we will be sure to repost!

On behalf of everyone at Wild Prairie Soap Company, thank you again. We truly do appreciate your patronage and support of our natural body care products and your help with providing accessible soap for all. Stay healthy and be well!


Best regards,

Tanya Zurock, Founder

Wild Prairie Soap Company Inc.


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