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Tattoo Aftercare x Wild Prairie

Tattoo Aftercare x Wild Prairie

You’ve taken the plunge and invested in something that will last your whole life and speaks to the uniqueness of you. However, any good tattoo artist will have informed you of a strict aftercare regimen you must follow to keep your new tattoo in tip-top shape. After all, a fresh tattoo is essentially an open wound, prone to infection and scarring that could alter the look of your new ink and turn it into a permanent eyesore.

Let’s start with cleansing

All the soap we make at Wild Prairie is produced using what’s called the “cold process” or “cold-pressed” method, meaning it’s completely made from scratch and we use no heat to melt or manipulate the final product. Cold-process soap is a centuries old method, producing effective soap that is an emollient, contains antioxidants, and has many anti-inflammatory components. 

With olive oil as the main ingredient, our soap moisturizes the skin by adding hydration, reducing water loss, and introducing antioxidant properties to protect skin cells against environmental damage and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory components found in olive oil can aid in wound healing by helping with cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition, helping to close wounds in a shorter amount of time.

After olive oil, each bar is unique and has been formulated with a multitude of skin-loving ingredients. We have been making soap for over 20 years and many of our formulations have been used and loved since the very beginning.

Just in case you’ve heard the myth “natural soap may not be as effective as chemical soap, you should know the CDC states that antibacterial soaps with added chemicals are no more effective than natural soaps for killing disease-causing germs.

Many of our soap bars are 100% natural, meaning they are scented using only essential oils and making them a great option for the healing stage of your tattoo. The only other thing to be aware of when picking out your soap for a fresh tattoo is to select bars without physical exfoliants in them until AFTER your tattoo has fully healed. 

Check out these 100% natural soap bar options for fresh tattoos:

What happens after you cleanse? Moisturize!

Our Organic Dandelion Balm is chock full of skin nourishing ingredients that will hydrate and heal any tattoo.

Tea Tree Oil

Owing to it being an anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil helps to soothe any irritation, redness, and swelling that can occur at a fresh tattoo site. This can be very helpful, especially in the later stages of the healing process, when scabs begin to form and get itchy. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E improves your blood's circulation which helps the regeneration process as well as removing any excess ink that has not properly held in your dermis. This helps improve the overall condition of your wound, and will lead to a quicker, healthier, and brighter healed tattoo.


Best used to soothe itchy and sore skin conditions, topically applied Chickweed cools and relieves inflamed areas of the skin.

Sunflower Oil

Infusions that include extracts of plants such as Sunflower help to combat dryness and soothe the skin. This is especially useful during the healing phase of your new tattoo, and also for older tattoos if you generally suffer from very dry and/or sensitive skin.


The leaf of the plantain contains allantoin which has antibacterial properties. Therefore, once the leaves are applied to wounds it kills the germs as well as bacteria, thus speeding up the healing process with the production of new skin cells. Plantain leaves also help to reduce the chances of scarring, which will permanently alter the look of your tattoo. The antimicrobial properties in the plantain leave aids in the skin regeneration process which allows the skin to heal properly from a wound.


In the short term, the nourishing benefits of calendula help to plump the surface of your skin to give you tighter, more supple skin. In the long term, both the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to protect your skin's collagen and elastin supply.


Rich in antioxidants, dandelions have a huge range of those great “anti-” benefits: anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory . Dandelion extract can also help to nourish the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and toning unbalanced skin.


Lavender oil is a natural pain reliever and soothing oil. Sometimes a fresh tattoo can be inflamed and painful, and Lavender oil will not only ease the physical pain, but the calming properties will also help with any anxiety and discomfort you may be feeling while experiencing pain.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, you could say we're experts!

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