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Pumpkin Seed Oil: The ingredient you didn't know you needed

Pumpkin Seed Oil: The ingredient you didn't know you needed

Pumpkins are an excellent source of vitamins A, B2, C, and E, iron, copper, manganese and fibre, with small amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and folate. The seeds from the pumpkin can be cold-pressed to produce pumpkin seed oil, which is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and a very useful ingredient in natural skin care products.

Used in skincare products, pumpkin seed oil’s nourishing and conditioning qualities are known to benefit those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. In addition to the fatty acids, pumpkin seed oil is rich in vitamin E and carotenoids that help your skin look visibly younger.

Pumpkin seed oil is highly beneficial for healthy and young-looking skin. The high levels of vitamin C in the oil helps repair saggyness and firms up the skin. Zinc helps balance the production of oil in the skin. Vitamin E protects skin from the effects of stress and ageing. Also, the fatty acids are able to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin to hydrate and moisturize, keeping the skin fresh and moist. 

Pumpkin seed oil has also been known to soothe inflamed acne and reduce chances of future outbreaks. With minimal clogging of pores, the oil readily absorbs into the skin, soothing inflammation and leaving it hydrated and renewed. The vitamin C in the oil helps the production of collagen that retains skin elasticity, while also plumping and building firmness of the skin and working as an anti-aging agent. Suitable for most skin types, the unsaturated fatty acids (such as, palmitic, oleic, and linoleic acids) in the oil containing antioxidant properties correct skin inflammation and promote healing and new skin-cell growth. The antioxidants of the vitamin A present in the oil protects the skin from sun damage. The vitamin B2 in the oil is great for dryness and acne, also bringing about an improved skin tone and radiance of the skin.

An overview of the benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil:

  • Tighten and plump up skin
  • Enhance skin elasticity to prevent symptoms of premature aging, such as wrinkles
  • Hydrate and retain skin moisture
  • Reduce skin redness and inflammation
  • Moisturizes, nourishes and adds luster to hair

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